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I’ve made a complete hash of making a properly formatted journal paper using OpenOffice, and I suspect it’s just as tricky with Microsoft Word. The good news is there’s a software application specially for this called TeXmacs. Some might find it easier to write the content itself in a standard word processor then copy and paste it, as I did here.

As we can see, the document is completely unformatted at first. Don’t worry about the content itself here, as it’s just an early draft I’m using as an example:


The paper will need a title and the Abstract, and TeXmacs will create sections into which they can be pasted. Select ‘Insert – Title – Abstract‘:


After this, the document starts to look like a proper journal paper. Most have two columns though. Select ‘Document – Paragraph – Number of columns‘.


Now all that’s left is to change the font size and line spacing, separate the sections and make the section headers bold. The final step is to save the file in the .tm TeXmacs format, then export the document as a PDF: