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Hector III Microcomputer
This was a home ‘microcomputer’ manufactured around 1984 and supplied by the Open University. A photo of the Hector III with the cover off can be seen here.

Hector III System Chips
The operating system for the HECTOR III was stored on a ROM chip, so the OS would always boot into the same state. Of course the OS itself wasn’t easily hackable, but a programmer could probably still do interesting stuff with the system memory.

VM7000 Modem
This was for the Hector III, although there probably wasn’t much in the way of Internet to connect to, other than the Open University’s systems. This was early dial-up, and was around the same time as the Prestel system was in service.

PDP 11 Disk Cartridge
Labelled a ‘hard disk’, but actually a removeable disk cartridge – the computer’s operating system appears to have consisted of the processor’s instruction set and whatever was running from an inserted disk.
Although the method of operation for a PDP 11 is quite alien, it was a general purpose computer and some of its revolutionary design features were carried over into modern computers.
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