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If I had to describe a Masters’ degree programme in one word, it would be ‘scary’. I’ve kept this on the downlow since last September, as I was unsure how far I’d get. Well, now I’ve successfully completed everything, and barring problems sending the group project results through the system, I’ll graduate in just over eight weeks. Now it’s just a matter of waiting out that dreaded period before the results are in.

The postgraduate way of doing things is a whole different ballgame to the old student-lecturer relationship. Postgraduates are essentially scientists, being assessed by other scientists (colleagues, even) to that standard. It’s not a matter of being graded on assignments, but instead on the ability to develop and test hypotheses. In some ways it’s rather like a forensics investigation that involves building a watertight case and having it scrutinised by an expert witness.

So I’ve been a little on edge for the past few months, leaving nothing to chance, triple-checking the admin and praying I had everything covered.

Where I’ll go from there, I really don’t know. I’ve been in talks with some loveable guys from the United States (I have a thing for the American accent) about an intelligence role analysing event and malware feeds from corporate networks. Hopefully that’ll work out.
Security-Forensics Ltd. has been on hold for the last two months, with most of us buried under dissertation work. Now we can dedicate more time to getting the company off the ground again.