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As you know, I adore accomplished VPN providers, particularly as the UK keeps trying to promote the “Snoopers Charter”.  Today I discovered someone has been researching the VPN market, and provided an extended set of results, with a traffic light colour coding.

I’m not recommending any VPN here, just asking that you choose a VPN that will keep you safe.

VPN Providers – Simple Results

vpn simple comparision 1

Filtered by 1. Logging and 2. Security

Results in 14 VPN providers being identified

vpn filtered by logging & security

You really do not want a VPN provider that logs your connection.  The server needs to be configured not to keep logs or the active wiping of any logs every few minutes needs to be in effect.Keeping the logs in RAM, rather than to disk is also important.

For instance if server logs were only wiped once a week, then a court order could obtain all your connection records.  If a server is seized…

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