I was completely unaware misophonia was a widespread thing, and not just me being a prick, until I heard about this on the radio while driving home the other night. There are three specific sounds that ‘trigger’ me, that invoke a combination of intense annoyance, agitation, discomfort and anger. Imagine finding yourself strapped to a wheelchair at the front of an Ed Sheeran concert for 10 whole minutes, and multiply the discomfort level by 1,000, and you’d have a rough idea of what it’s like.

The current hypothesis is the brain is hard-wired for that immediate visceral reaction to a specific sound. Unfortunately this seems to happen between the limbic and nervous systems in the brain, and therefore likely cannot be dealt with through intellect or reasoning in the same way a typical annoyance could.

An MP3 file of white noise works wonders, I’ve found. There’s also /r/misophonia with some other tips.