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A problem that’s been bugging me for a while is the Gnome Keyring pop-up that frequently appeared in the Vivaldi browser on every other page I loaded.

In the Vivaldi settings, under the Privacy tab, uncheck the Save Webpage Passwords option.

Vivaldi can be launched with the keyring disabled using the following command:
$vivaldi --password-store=basic

But we don’t want to do that each time, so we could add the option to the menu.

Right-click the desktop’s main menu to edit it (‘Edit Menus‘). Here we can modify the start options for the desktop applications. Find the entry for Vivaldi, and right-click to see the option for ‘Properties‘.

In the Launcher Properties we can append the ‘--password-store=basic‘ to the command, so it should read something like:
/usr/bin/vivaldi-stable %U --password-store=basic

Close the windows, restart Vivaldi and the pop-up should no longer appear.