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There have been a few changes over the last month at the Aikido Society.

* We’re now training at the Scout Hall at the end of Cottrell Road, in Cardiff. We’ve got better mats, decent air conditioning (finally), and a lot more space to play with. This place should be more accessible to people living and working in the city, especially those looking for alternatives to the nearby MMA clubs. The traffic along Albany Road is rather chaotic, though, but we haven’t encountered any real problems with parking spaces.

* Training is on Thursday nights at 20:00 in Cardiff. We also train at the Scout Hall in Tonypandy (~30 minutes drive along the A470), at 20:00 on Wednesday nights.

* We’re putting some effort into advertising and building up the organisation. Larger numbers means everyone gets more out of training.

* I might need to take on an instructor position in Cardiff, depending on what happens over the next six months.