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Currently resting under the pavillion again, waiting for a Spanish contingent to finish up a midnight Latin Mass at Massabielle. A gang of men in Fedoras just rocked up to the shelters. When they’re done I’ll light another candle for my intentions, the people I said I’d pray for and the ton of things that have been weighing on my mind. I bought myself a beautiful red and gold rosary the other day, but giving it to Ivan the Hungarian to help him on his journey seems the right thing to do.

Early this morning I did something extremely risky in my current condition: I reached the Pic du Jer’s summit on foot, and that involved ~90 minutes of arduous traversal across rocks and rough terrain. I knew it was going to be difficult, but I was determined to conquer that 2km peak without using the rail car. On a clear sunny day, one can view the whole of the Pyrenees mountain range to the south, and all of Lourdes. Today I found myself in the middle of a cloud, and could see sod all through the dense mist except for the large antenna and steel cross. The nearby cave entrance was also closed, so I couldn’t explore that either. I’m still a bit worse for wear, as they say.

After meeting John near Massabielle, we walked around the Basilica for a bit, and I showed him the relics of John Paul II, Pius X and other saints kept at the Underground Basilica. John was impressed by the organ, which is perhaps the most powerful I’ve heard.

One of the most beautiful things to be seen is a torchlit procession in Lourdes on a fine summer evening, and I finally managed to experience that again for maybe the last time. Unfortunately I never managed to get the vantage point or image quality to capture this on camera.