IPv6 Secure Project

Abstract: The vast address space of IPv6 will have major implications for Internet and network security. The Research stage of this project included an analysis of current packet inspection and traffic filtering systems, and also the countermeasures, deployed on the IPv4-based Internet. The Development stage proposes a design for a secure communications system that is highly resistant to Internet surveillance and traffic filtering methods, incorporating IPv6 address switching, encryption and IPsec. The Evaluation stage assessed the potential for a real-world implementation of this system.

The dissertation report and accompanying software was submitted at the University of Wales, Newport (now the University of South Wales) in May 2013.

// System Overview //
A peer-to-peer system, this is based on a software client that manages application-layer encryption, IPsec tunneling and IP address management. To counter traffic inspection and filtering, communicating parties within a group select a specific address from within a range using a Secret Address Generation Algorithm – this address is known only within the group, and it changes every x number of minutes.
After addresses are determined, the clients establish tunnel-mode IPsec connections to further protect the content of their communications, and symmetric encryption might be used in addition to this.

// Resources //
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