I’m a .NET developer with experience in half a dozen other programming languages, now specialising in clinical/medical systems integration and messaging (API creation, SQL Server, Windows Server, secure comms, HL7/DICOM messaging, ESBs, etc.).
Outside my day job, my interests include network security, online privacy, Linux/BSD and Aikido.

In 2014 I was awarded a Masters’ degree in Computer Security (with distinction) at the University of South Wales, and also the Tiger Scheme Associate certification shortly after. In July 2015 I was awarded the ISTQB/BCS Certified Tester certification.




4 thoughts on “About”

  1. gr8 blog ! keep up tha great work m8!

  2. hello. I am unable to see anything under ‘info’ tab of wireshark while capturing vnc packets. Any idea why?

    • The ‘Info’ tab? Are you referring to one of the three windows in Wireshark? I can think of three reasons nothing’s showing:
      1. Are you running Wireshark as root/admin?
      2. Are you capturing on the right interface?
      3. Is the ‘Filter’ box clear?

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