What is Michael?

My name is Michael, and I’m a software developer specialising in clinical systems integration and messaging (API creation, SQL Server, Windows Server, secure comms, HL7/DICOM messaging, Service Broker, etc.), using a toolkit based primarily around .NET and SQL Server, though my natural habitat is the Linux/UNIX command line interface.

Before that, I studied computer security (a lot of networking, operating system internals and reverse engineering) at the University of South Wales, and somehow managed to earn a Masters’ degree. My rackmount kit includes an old Dell Proliant, an HP ProCurve Layer 3 switch, two Cisco 2600s and a couple of UNIX systems.

Apart from all that, I’m a martial artist (Aikido and Aiki-jutsu), a practising Catholic, a prolific author of half-completed software, and a volunteer social worker.



6 thoughts on “What is Michael?”

  1. gr8 blog ! keep up tha great work m8!

  2. hello. I am unable to see anything under ‘info’ tab of wireshark while capturing vnc packets. Any idea why?

    • The ‘Info’ tab? Are you referring to one of the three windows in Wireshark? I can think of three reasons nothing’s showing:
      1. Are you running Wireshark as root/admin?
      2. Are you capturing on the right interface?
      3. Is the ‘Filter’ box clear?

  3. Teresa said:

    I love the links you posted on the Catholic Things. They are truly a great selection of sites to show the beauty and wisdom of Catholic faith. With your intelligence, it is a great witness to the world. I have book marked your page for quick references. Thanks.

    • I hope the links are useful to you as they were to me. Coincidentally, I’m typing up my journal entry for my first day at Lourdes, and have taken some nice pictures there.

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